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Online Creative Writing Templates & Tips For Kids

Online Creative Writing Templates – Part 1

Online creative writing can be very helpful for kids who want to express their creativity, feelings or write about everyday life. If you have a budding little writer in your life, these online creative writing tips and templates will come in handy. They will help teach your kids about this creative writing, help them overcome a writer’s block or fear of writing and help them develop creative writing skills. This will not only help your kids get better grades at school, but also develop their creativity and improve their prospects for the future.

Online Creative Writing Templates

Online creative writing templates are a practical tool for primary-school kids. They will help you teach primary school kids about creative writing, different concepts of writing, how to develop a story and improve their writing skills.

Online creative writing can be intimidating, especially for primary school children. Some children are afraid of a blank paper and cannot think of how to start writing. The following online creative writing templates can be used by parents, teachers or other guardians of primary school children, to help the kids overcome their fears and develop their skills.

A set of four easy to use online creative writing templates with helpful questions that will help relieve children’s anxiety and release their creativity. They offer great structure with a series of »fill-in the blanks« statements that help a child plan the creative writing and divide the work into less intimidating chunks.


Generic Types of Online Creative Writing Forms

There are four or more different types (archetypes) of creative writing forms that serve different online creative writing purposes. Different types use different structure to tell a story.

Narrative Tell a story What did you do on your holidays?
Descriptive Describe or explain something Can you describe your pet?
Positional Take a position on something What is your favorite movie?
Persuasive Take a position and try to convince someone else to share it Who is the most powerful Avenger? Convince me.


You can learn more about these templates and how to use them in the presentation by Selena Sol, that you can find here.

In this article we discussed basics about the types of online creative writing templates and forms for kids. In the second part of this short series of articles you can learn more about how they can help develop interesting stories and inspire the kids to write.


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