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Online Creative Writing Classes: Copywriting Clinic

It is hard to get good online creative writing tips from experienced copywriters. In the Copywriting Clinic seminar from Affiliate Summit East, copywriting and SEO experts reveal valuable guidelines and discuss the dynamics of producing high performance copy.

This seminar is gold for every copywriter and will help you improve your writing skills.

Valuable Online Creative Writing Ideas & Tips

Here are only a few topics and valuable online creative writing ideas & tips that were discussed at the seminar:

  • Importance of quality headlines that tell a story
  • Keep your copy short and concise (but reveal all the important information)
  • Grab readers’ attention by creating obstacles and twists for your story’s hero
  • Lave your readers feeling good by showing them how the hero has overcame the obstacles in the end
  • Write the copy with your target readers in mind
  • Bullet-points are a must when writing for web
  • Evoke your reader’s feelings and senses (with colors, smells)
  • How to evoke your creativity and overcome writer’s block in online creative writing
  • Add some personality to your copy.

This incredible copywriting seminar is packed with valuable information on online creative writing and is worth of an hour of your attention. It is also completely free and available for you to watch anytime you want.


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