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Good Creative Writer – My 2 Secrets To Online Creative Writing Success

By Deepanjolie Figg

For online creative writing focused on brand-building, which is a key element to being recognized as an expert in a chosen genre of writing, it is imperative to harness the power of new media tools and technology. Though I ventured into my creative writing career as a hobby when still in school, penning short stories, poems and articles for the local newspapers and youth magazines, it was only after I made the effort to learn computers, emailing, internet research, web-conferencing and image support software etc. that I realized the substantial demand for tech-savvy journalists and writers that existed in the publication world.

Since the publication industry is based on quality communications, customized content delivered in a timely, affordable and efficient manner ensures business success for the company, which in turn, has a positive impact on the support team that helps achieve targets of original, well researched, quality content.

Online Creative Writing

When I first started out as a writer, I was completely clueless about using web tools, like FTP programs for sharing large files, lacked knowledge of various CMS (content management systems) used for regular updates on the web and for promoting writings and just as unaware about integrating standard technology, such as video cameras adapted for use with the Internet that allowed for streaming live videos via a laptop.

However, once I got over my initial doubts about mastering these necessary skills for a modern writer and freelance journalist, and focussed on simply attaining a reasonable level of competence, I soon realized the value these skills added to my professional life. The 2 secrets on achieving creative writing success that I share below are based on my learning experiences as a freelance article writer and lifestyle journalist that helped me bag regular writing assignments and build a strong and varied portfolio of published works across diverse industries. Make them yours:

Online Creative Writing Success Secret #1 – Build A Web Presence

The most important reason for creative writers to have an online presence is to offer validation for their writing ability if someone conducts a search of the writer’s name. Even during a random search of a good writer’s name on major search engines, the researcher should have access to find at least a well-constructed profile page that showcases the writer’s best work, perhaps some photo ID of the writer to help make a connect with readers or potential clients, besides details of academic and career background to help establish expertise in the field.

Thus, even if a personal website is not immediately possible, a writer should make an effort to build a presence on social-networking sites, which are free and easy to use, for maximizing their online exposure. Apart from mentioning their full name, a recent photo, writers should create a brief biography, highlighting best writing credentials and favorable reviews of their works (e.g. testimonials from editors, or reader feed-back on written works) in their online profiles and also provide links to this web profile at every opportunity. Some of the best ways to include links to an online writer profile is to integrate them in email and forum signatures, in social networking site updates, like Twitter and Facebook besides mentioning these on traditional business cards and personal stationery.

Online Creative Writing Success Secret #2 – Blog Regularly

Blogging is among the cheapest (how much cheaper can you get than free?) and best tools for writers today, as it is the most effective way to market writing skills. If writers look upon their blog entries as the best examples of their writing, they are likely to compose and edit quality blog posts that generate reader interest, encourage community interaction, develop into a platform for sharing helpful links and insights into quality creative writing that can form the basis for inspiring future works of even better quality. However, to achieve creative writing success with blogging, it is important for writers to update their blogs regularly, infuse humour or reader-interest topics besides those that interest them in order to encourage a market for their works.

Moreover, since blogging allows writers to share a direct personal connection with readers – where blog readers can comment, share links, make suggestions – it is a highly interactive medium for staying connected in real-time.

Finally, to ensure creative writing success with blogging, writers are advised to apply proven SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, like researching and incorporating hot keywords that are most closely connected with their topic in the blog post title, scatter these naturally through the main text and use meta-tag descriptions for images included in the blog posts to gain maximum online exposure! To improve your online creative writing skills you can attend payable or free online creative writing classes that are offered by numerous Universities, companies and experts.

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