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Free Online Creative Writing Classes: The Challenge

Do you want to become online creative writing expert? Than you should also learn about online marketing and technical stuff that will come handy when trying to set up a new website, promote your site on the Internet and will help you earn extra income with online creative writing.

The Challenge is great online marketing training that has been around for years and has shaped thousands of Internet marketers and online creative writing experts. It is one of the best online trainings that covers all the topics that a perspective Internet marketer and online creative writing expert needs to know. And it is completely free.


The Challenge Will Help You Become Experienced Internet Marketer

The Challenge consists of 7 modules, each lasting 7 days (one training video per day). It offers clear guidance and route to online creative writing success. The goal of The Challenge is to set up a website on your favorite, profitable topic and earn your first dollar online by doing something you like. Meanwhile you will learn a lot of incredibly useful stuff that will give you a competitive edge on the Internet.

The Challenge is designed for busy people that want to work through the training in their own pace through 7 modules & the pre-challenge training:

  • Pre-Challenge Training
  • Module 1: Keywords and Market Research
  • Module 2: Publish Your Micro-Niche Website
  • Module 3: Create Your Off-Page Network
  • Module 4: Authority Back Linking Strategies
  • Module 5: Market Leadership Strategies
  • Module 6: Monetization
  • Module 7: Your Go/No Go Decision

By going through the Challenge you will learn all the necessary info and skills to survive in the competitive online world. By using this precious knowledge your online creative writing site will get discovered faster, you will beat the competition and even earn some money with online creative writing. It is certainly worth to give it a try.

When & Where You Can Find The Challenge?

You can start with the Challenge anytime you want. All the courses are available on The Challenge website and on The Challenge YouTube channel. You can also find it on iTunes. This year the real-time training will begin in September in completely new, reorganized and redefined form. The 2013 Challenge will last 30 days and offer you complete training in more compact form. It is, as all the years before, completely free.

In only 30 days you will learn:

  • how to set up a website
  • how to discover the most profitable niches
  • online marketing & SEO tactics and tools
  • how to get your website on the first page of search engines such as Google and Yahoo
  • some online creative writing exercises and tips
  • how to start earning with your website
  • and more.

So, if you are interested in online marketing, online creative writing and you want to earn some extra bucks, The Challenge offers you a perfect training, which has proven its effectiveness numerous times.

There are several other quality free online creative writing courses available on the Internet, that will teach you everything from plot and character development, to fiction writing, poetry and grammar.

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